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This Easter, we’re making more crafts at home than ever!  Whether it’s dying Easter eggs, creating bunny ears or putting together Easter baskets - these DIY ideas are not only fun for the whole family, but will add some Easter fun to your days inside the house. 

You can find almost everything you need for these three fun and easy Easter craft ideas at home. Some of the basic supplies you’ll need include: coloured pens or pencils, sticky tape, paper, and scissors. 

Remember: get creative with your projects! If you don’t have some of the supplies listed, how can you swap them for things you do have?  You already have countless craft options to keep your family occupied at home, sometimes you just need a little imagination. If you’re looking for more Easter craft ideas, then Pinterest is a great place to start for some inspiration - especially when it comes to DIY activities! 

Now - let’s have some fun over the long weekend!


An Easter craft staple - Easter eggs are super simple to create and an easy way to let your creativity shine.  There are many options to choose from when decorating your eggs. You can use coloured pencils and pens, elastics, ribbons, water colours or food colouring as dye!  Patterns can range from squiggles and lines, to marble, ombre or speckled to make your eggs stand out. This craft is sure to keep you and your family busy for a few hours as you create many unique eggs, compare designs and find a place to display them around the house.! Easter eggs are also a great alternative to hiding chocolate eggs if you are looking for an option that a little less sweat! You can find a step by step tutorial HERE to create your own.


DIY Bunny Ears are another great addition to your Easter activities.  You can make these with a headband, sticky tape, some paper and coloured markers, or if you feel like stepping it up you can use some spare fabric, a bit of glitter and a glue gun. You are your little ones’ are in charge from here- you can make them as crazy or minimal as you’d like. You can create matching ones or ones that are the complete opposite to each other- you are the boss! To get started, you can find a step by step tutorial HERE.


Last but not least, here are our DIY Easter baskets. We love this craft because it can be used as a centerpiece when it’s done or placed on the porch to spread the Easter spirit to your neighbours this Easter long weekend! Some items you’ll need for this craft include: a basket or a box, sticky tape or glue, paper and scissors.  You can cut your paper into flower shapes to stick on your box, add some grass shapes to stick on the bottom, or make your Easter basket into a unicorn - it’s up to you! The final product is a fun Easter themed box that you can fill with chocolate, your painted Easter eggs or simply use as decoration. You can make your Easter basket into a unicorn with THIS tutorial, or create a flower basket HERE.

And just like that - you’ve crafted all Easter weekend.  If you are missing any supplies needed to get started, head into stores like K-mart, Woolworths, Coles at Top Ryde City. Share your crafts with us by tagging @toprydecity - we can’t wait to see them!

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