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3 Tasty Recipes To Get Your Kids Eating Their Greens

The phrase “eat your vegetables” has been famously ineffective for generations. Even the most skilful negotiator has trouble convincing a toddler that green beans deserve just as much plate space as cheesy pasta. Instead of serving nutrient-packed greens alongside dinner,  try incorporating them into your kid’s favourite foods. 

We’ve listed 3 of our favourite kid-friendly recipes that will get the entire family eating their greens in no time and even better, without them noticing.  From mushroom and spinach-packed tacos, to swapping potatoes for broccoli in crunchy, cheesy tots, and making DIY falafel into lettuce cups, these recipes are easy, healthy and best of all - delicious too. 


Mushroom Tacos 

Mexican-style meals such as quesadillas or tacos are a great and easy way to incorporate a tonne of veg into a meal that is still packed with flavour. This recipe for mushroom tacos is easy to adapt, try adding black beans, a handful of spinach or good-for-you greens for extra protein or even double down on the greens by using spinach tortillas - we dare your kids to notice. 

Broc Tots

These little bites are sure to please any kid (or adult) who’s been avoiding their greens. Packed with a good array of B vitamins and containing iron, calcium and magnesium, broccoli is also a great source of both fibre and protein. Consider making a double batch because these will fly as soon as they’re out of the oven.

Falafel Lettuce Cups 

The best way to introduce kids to new foods is to have them take part in making it. This inspired DIY recipe is perfect as a snack or lunch idea which gets kids involved and allows them to make it just how they like it. Add in or swap out as many greens or elements as you want, keeping it vegan or adding tuna or chicken for added protein.

Find all these ingredients and more at Top Ryde City and check out its range of healthy food places for an added dose of inspiration! 

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