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5 hassle-free Halloween recipe ideas

Halloween is all about enjoying a few sneaky treats that might not make the cut the rest of the year! But rather than snooping through your kids Trick or Treat loot, why not try making your own? We’ve gathered up 5 super simple, spookily delicious Halloween recipes that are all a real hit with the kids, and pretty fun for adults too. Whether you’ve got 10 minutes or a whole leisurely Saturday afternoon, go on, we dare you to give them a go!


     1. Toffee apples

Image credit: Woolworths

Toffee apples are a classic Halloween treat, and this recipe brings an unexpected twist by coating them in crushed popcorn or 100’s and 1000’s!

What you’ll need: 6 red apples, 4 cups white sugar, 1/2 tsp cream of tartar, 1 cup water and 3 tsp red food colouring

Method: Push a stick into the stem end of each apple and cover a baking tray with baking paper and set aside. Next, place the sugar and 1 cup of water in a deep heavy-based pan. Stir over a low heat until the sugar has completely dissolved. Stir in cream of tartar and food colouring.

When the mixture is clear, bring to the boil and reduce heat slightly. Gently boil for about 20 minutes until it’s softly cracking and remove from heat, allowing the bubbles to subside.

Carefully dip the apples into the toffee coating the base evenly and sprinkle with either 100’s and 1000’s or crushed popcorn! Leave to set at room temperature before enjoying.


     2. Monster Burgers

Image credit: Taste

With sharp cheese 'teeth', tomato 'eyes' and olive 'pupils', these spooky monster burgers are sure to make any Halloween party a screaming success. 

What you’ll need: 4 slices tasty cheddar, 1 tablespoon olive oil, 600g Australian Angus Beef Burgers, 4 Coles Finest Charcoal Brioche Burger Buns, 4 iceberg lettuce leaves, 1 tomato, Tomato sauce, 4 cherry tomatoes and 8 black olives

Method: Use a sharp knife to cut triangles from one edge of each cheddar slice to make fangs. Heat oil in large frying pan over medium heat and add the beef patties and cook for 3 mins or until brown underneath, turning the patties until cooked through.

Top the patties with cheddar. Divide the bun bases among serving plates and top with lettuce, beef patties and sliced tomato and drizzle with tomato sauce. Finish by placing the buns on top adding the cherry tomato halves on top of each roll to make eyes and adding the olive tops by placing them on the cherry tomato halves to make pupils. Eat your heart out!


     3. Chocolate strawberry ghosts and monsters

Image credit: Woolworths

Quick and easy and sure to spook, these chocolate covered strawberry ghosts and monsters make both a delicious and healthy trick or treat.

What you’ll need: 1 punnet of strawberries, 200g white chocolate, 200g dark chocolate and mini chocolate buttons

Method: Dip strawberries into either melted white chocolate (for mummies and ghosts) or dark chocolate (for monsters) and place on a lined baking tray. For ghosts, dip the strawberry heavily in white chocolate and drag slightly as it is placed on the lined tray to create a trail to represent a ghost and quickly add two chocolate buttons for eyes. For the mummies and monsters, re-melt the remaining chocolate and transfer to separate piping bags. To create the mummies, simply pipe overlapping lines of white chocolate across the white chocolate-covered strawberries, avoiding the eye area. Finish by placing all the strawberries in the fridge for five minutes or so until the chocolate is set and ready to serve.


     4. Spooky Spiders in their webs

A scarily-easy chocolatey treat — these spooky spiders only require 3 ingredients.

What you’ll need: 150g white chocolate, 100g dark chocolate, 1 packet M&Ms

Method: To make the webs, simply melt 150g white chocolate and place in a small sealable plastic bag and cut off 1 of the corners. Pipe 8 spider web shapes over a lined baking tray and set aside to set. Then, to make the spiders, melt 100g dark chocolate and like you did with the white chocolate place in a small plastic bag and cut off 1 corner. Pipe spider legs onto the tray and quickly top with M&Ms for the bodies. Set aside and enjoy!


     5. Halloween bark

Image credit: Taste

Popping candy, smarties, liquorice, sprinkles and more - all the major Halloween food groups are covered with this Halloween Bark!

What you’ll need: 180g Aldi white chocolate, orange food colouring, ½ cup milk chocolate bullets, ½ cup Chicos lollies, 6 Liquorice Allsorts, ⅓ cup Smarties, 1 tablespoon black cachous, 2 tablespoons orange sprinkles, 2 tablespoons popping candy.

Method: Melt chocolate until smooth. Using food colouring, tint orange. Then using the marked rectangle as a guide, spread the chocolate onto baking paper and arrange the bullets, Chicos and Allsorts, cut-side down, on to the bark. Finish by sprinkling the Smarties, cachous, sprinkles and popping candy and wait for it to set. Break into pieces and serve.


Get ready to get creative in the kitchen and shop for all your supplies at Coles, Aldi and Woolworths at Top Ryde City!

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