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5 Healthy Recipes to Help You ‘Spring’ into Spring

5 Healthy Recipes to Help You ‘Spring’ into Spring

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Food isn’t the only thing that’s fresh in the springtime. Spring is the time for new goals, fresh starts, and reinvigorating your health. If eating healthy is one of your springtime resolutions, then it’s all about finding recipes that are delicious, nutritious, and fit into your busy schedule.

Here are five easy and healthy recipes that will help you smash your springtime goals.

1. Wake-up smoothie

A fruity smoothie is the perfect breakfast for the busiest of us. Quick and healthy, you can drink them on the go to maximise your morning time. Simply blend fresh or frozen strawberries, bananas, a touch of sweet honey and oatmeal for a smoothie that’ll keep you feeling full and energised. Switch up the ingredients so you never get bored, like adding a healthy fruit juice, baby spinach, and juicy mango.

2. Goat’s cheese salad

Spring is the season of salads. Make this fresh and healthy dish by adding creamy crumbled goat’s cheese, pomegranate seeds or beetroot for something sweet, and crunchy walnuts to a bed of fresh baby spinach. For a simple dressing you can’t resist, try topping with olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Add sliced chicken for extra protein, and you’ll feel full for hours.


3. Grilled tuna melt

Here’s a dish you can eat at any time of day with ingredients that might already be in your pantry. Make a hot and toasty tuna melt that’ll warm your belly with just tuna, cheese, mayonnaise and a couple of slices of bread. Using provolone or parmesan cheese will add a deliciously sharp flavour to your meal, or opt for a soft camembert for a sandwich that’s mild and creamy. Replace the mayo with avocado for a healthier alternative that’s just as tasty.


4. Build-your-own tacos

Tacos are a healthy lunch or dinner option that can be prepared in next to no time. The best thing about build-your-own tacos is that you can tailor them to the preferences of your family. Start by choosing your protein – chicken, pork, beef, or beans are perfect for seasoning with classic Mexican spices like cumin and chili powder. Top it with ripe tomatoes and a sprinkle of shredded cheddar cheese to make hard-shell or soft-shell tacos your busy family will love.


5. Grilled spring vegetable salad

The best salads use seasonal produce. Grill up some spring vegetables like crisp brussels sprouts, tasty asparagus, and vibrant green peas for a dinner that’s packed with nutrients and suitable for vegetarian and vegan eaters. For drizzling on top, a healthy dressing can be made from lemon, olive oil, and mustard. Try adding crumbled feta cheese for a Mediterranean twist or couscous or barley if you’re in need of more complex carbohydrates.


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