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Beauty essentials: The must-haves for every beauty bag

Beauty essentials: The must-haves for every beauty bag

Every woman should have a beauty bag with essentials to keep her looking naturally radiant. Whether you’re a fan of full glam or understated elegance, here are the beauty essentials everyone should have in their bag.
Translucent powder

Translucent powder is a beauty bag essential for more reasons than one. Not only can it eliminate shine and excess oil, but you can also apply it to your eyelashes between coats of mascara for bold and clump-free lashes. Plus, because translucent powder is designed to soak up extra oil, it can be the perfect dry shampoo in a pinch. Just sprinkle the powder onto your roots and brush through for a refreshed look and feel.


Having a quality moisturiser or tinted moisturiser isn’t just a matter of beauty, but of health, too. Your beauty bag should have a moisturiser that contains SPF to protect your skin daily, but moisturiser can also be used as a brow tamer and base for both face and eye makeup. Buying a moisturiser with a subtle tint helps make your face look more fresh and lively.

Eyebrow pencil

Full, shaped eyebrows are essential to looking put-together. When your eyebrows look good, you can get away with minimal makeup. While an eyebrow pencil can ensure your brows are cool and controlled, it can also be used to add a shadow to your lash lines, making your eyes pop even without dark eyeliner. If you’re really keen on perfecting your eyebrows, you can even invest in an eyebrow kit!

Concealer or foundation

A concealer is a makeup bag must-have, and not just for the occasional pimple. Concealer can be a lifesaver on days you find yourself with dark under-eye circles, red irritation, or even sunburn. Having a concealer that blends perfectly with your skin tone means you can cover imperfections for a flawless look every day.

Versatile nude palette

If you want less makeup that does more, then a versatile colour palette is an absolute must-have. A nude palette will have a range of colours that can be used as blush, eye shadow, highlighter and bronzer, making it an all-in-one product that will give you back valuable space in your makeup bag. If you plan on using your palette for shadow and highlight, opt for a product with more shimmer. If you’ll be using the palette predominantly on your face, choose something a little more matte for a natural look.

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