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Easy crafts with items you’ll already have at home

Every Wednesday, Top Ryde City will release a new collection of fun, easy and creative weekend activity inspiration that your whole family can enjoy. These activities are all designed to be completed using everyday items you can find at home, we hope they keep you entertained during this time!

This week’s activities may be a bit messy, but the fun and smiles will definitely be worth it.  


Shaving Cream Foam Painting

Messy and fun. The perfect combination. Plus, you’ll end up with a finished product that your kids can hang on the fridge!

What you’ll need:

- A tray

- A spatula

- Shaving Cream

- A skewer / chopstick

- Paint in a variety of colours

- Some cardboard


1. Fill your tray with a generous amount of shaving cream

2. Let the kids play around with the cream, rubbing it all over the tray with their hands. This is the fun, messy part! 

3. Smooth out the cream, so it’s flat and even all over the tray.

4. Squeeze your coloured paint over the top of the cream. Splotches, dots and swirls will work perfectly here.

5. Using your skewer / chopstick, swirl the paint throughout the shaving cream.

6. Lay your cardboard sheet over the top of the paint, leaving for a few seconds.

7. Take off your cardboard. After leaving it to sit for a minute or so,  use the spatula to gently scrape off the excess layer of shaving cream

8. Your colourful cardboard canvas is now ready to be hung up on the fridge, wall or used to cut into fun shapes!

Recycled Tissue Box Monsters

Fun, colourful monsters, using recycled tissue boxes? The perfect way to spend a Saturday afternoon.

What you’ll need:

- An empty tissue box

- Coloured paint

- Googly eyes (or a homemade alternative)

- A black marker pen

- Glue

- A craft knife or scissors 

- Popsicle sticks (if on hand)

- Pom poms (if on hand)


1. Pull out the plastic lining of your tissue box, so you’re left with the empty cardboard shell.

2. Paint the outside of the box white to cover up the design on the cardboard.

3. Once the white paint has dried, paint over with whatever colour you’d like your monster to be! Paint the inside of the box a different colour - this will be your monster’s mouth.

4. Use your black marker pen to outline the hole in the box - this will make your monster’s mouth stand out more.

5. Cut your popsicle sticks in half and paint them the colour of your choice. Glue one google eye to the top of each stick. Using your knife/scissors (adults only), cut two small holes in the top of your tissue box. Push your popsicle sticks into the hole so they stick out of the top of your monster.

6. Glue any more googly eyes you have to the front of your box. Be creative here!

7. Cut your white paper / cardboard into little triangles - these will be your teeth! Glue the teeth on the inside of the tissue box, sticking out of the mouth.

8. Glue your pom poms (or any other craft accessories you may have) to the top of your monster to give them more character. 

9. Repeat the process with different size boxes and coloured paint to make your own monster family!

3. Homemade Play Doh

Play doh is a great sensory toy for your toddlers and younger kids. This super simple craft will help  teach about shapes and colours too!

What you’ll need:

- 2 cups of plain flour

- ½ cup of oil

- Food colouring

- Water


1. Mix your flour and oil together in a large bowl.

2. Separately, combine your water and food colouring.

3. Combine all of your ingredients, adding enough water to make a soft dough!

4. Tada! It’s that simple. Try using different food colourings in different batches for a colourful play doh selection.

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