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Ever wondered why they say, ‘fresh is best’?

This week we’re not only championing the quality, incredible taste, and awesome health benefits of produce offered by our local fresh food operators, but we’re also celebrating Top Ryde City as the Home of Fresh with the launch of our Fresh Food ‘Spend and Win’ campaign this Saturday!

Menu planning for the week is always tough for most and over the last few months it’s become even more challenging and uninspiring. We’ve not only had limited options around fresh food, but the initial panic buying saw many households stockpiling long-life foods that we’re all still trying to work our way through.

We’re challenging you to make a few simple swaps this week to not only be eligible to win, but to add some colour and extra nutrients to your menus this week.

The challenge: Swap just one item this week

No, your produce won’t be pre-prepared, pre-packaged, or pre-salted. It won’t come with pesky pesticides or preservatives. But it will come with a whole lot more.

A whole lot more health benefits.

A whole lot more taste.

And a whole lot more nutrients.

Best of all, it will come with the knowledge that you’re supporting local food operators – operators whose sole focus is providing you with fresher, cleaner, and less processed food.

It’s often the small changes that give the biggest benefits


Check out the local butcher (you’ll find Pryde Meats and Top Ryde Chicken Shop located near Woolworths and JC Chicken near Coles). There are so many options, but just have a chat about what they recommend - you may even snag a few ideas for some above-average school and work lunches, guaranteed.

The challenge: Swap one item of red or white meat that you normally get from a supermarket, with a different cut from the local butcher.


While we all rush to get our seafood at Christmas, it’s often overlooked at other times of the year. Fish is quick to cook,  super healthy and incredibly versatile (and in all honesty – what kids turn up their nose at a mid-week fish ‘n’ chips night?).

The challenge: Replace a red meat or chicken dish that you might normally get from a supermarket with fresh seafood from your local operator. Try Costi’s Catch on level 1 near Coles or Peter Roan Seafood on LG2 near Woolworths.


Pop into The Growers for a seriously fresh one-stop shopping experience like no other. No more monotonous carrot sticks and green apples. You’ll find tried and true fruit and vegetables plus some more unique options that are perfect for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacking. 

With vegetables, stir-frys are a quick and easy accompaniment to any type of protein – a dash of olive oil and some seasoning is perfection. Toss them through some noodles or on a bed of rice and you have a meal prepped and on the table in ten minutes or less.

P.S. Don’t be tricked into thinking that supermarkets are always cheaper – you’ll always find produce from your local fresh foodie that falls under the chain store pricing. 

The challenge: Buy your fruit and vegetables this week from a fresh food operator and enjoy something new from their extended selection. 

Local bakeries

There really is nothing better than fresh bread, especially from Top Ryde Bakers House and Bakers Delight. While your local bakery may be a dollar more expensive, that’s because of the extra good things you’re getting in place of the preservatives.

The challenge: Forgo 1 takeaway coffee this week and use that money for a fresh loaf of bread from one of our local bakeries. Often just $1 more than your average supermarket bread, enjoy a freshly-baked, preservative-free loaf that also supports a local business.

It’s time to start afresh – and win!

Head to your fresh food local providers on level 1 and LG2 to support local businesses and get a fresher, cleaner product and be eligible to win $100 weekly!

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