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Expert Tips to Take Home Fresher Than Fresh Produce

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of coming home to a fridge full of produce that’s bursting with colour, flavour and crunch.

However, if you find the colours are starting to fade and your produce is losing its crunch only a few days after your weekly shop, we’ve rounded up some expert tips to ensure your produce stays fresher for longer.

The early bird…gets the fresh loaf of bread!

It seems obvious but if you want fresh bread, always source bread that is baked that day.  And that advice doesn’t stop at bread, store bought cakes and pastries should be baked daily to ensure the freshness is locked in.

For those wanting their weekly loaf to stand the distance, it’s recommend that you opt for sourdough and rye bread varieties.

Store them in an air-tight bag, especially if it’s sliced. Another option is to pop them in the fridge or freezer to lock in the freshness.

Seasonally sweet

We all know that getting our fruit and vege straight from the source—whether that’s picking it from a tree or pulling it from the ground—is when fresh produce is at its optimum in terms of flavour. However, we understand that time gets away, weekends get busy you may never quite get around to finishing off your veggie garden.

So opt for the next best thing and look for seasonal produce. When purchasing seasonal fruits, ensure you consume them at room temperature. Not only does it enhance the sugar content it makes them a whole lot tastier.

Catch of the day

Not only is Australia blessed with stunning coastline and multicultural cuisine, the quality of our produce makes us one of the luckiest countries on Earth.

We have a lot of fresh seafood all year round (we’re spoilt for choice really), but especially now that it’s summer, there’s never been a better time to indulge—think prawns on the BBQ and oven baked salmon fillets.

For working bees and busy families, we recommend salmon, ocean trout and barramundi fillets. They’re easy to prepare and don’t need a lot of fuss to make them flavourful, especially when they’re bought fresh.

Part of the joy of consuming fresh seafood is that ocean flavour. Eat your seafood within two to three days of purchase to ensure that fresh, ocean flavor shines through.

Flowers in bloom

A gorgeous bouquet of fresh flowers can be the crowning glory of your home. Especially now when roses, tuberoses, tiger lilies, sunflowers and snapdragons are in season.

Want to know the secret for keeping your blooms looking fresh for longer? Good news, it doesn’t take a lot of hard work or maintenance to ensure your flowers remain as colourful as the day you bought them.

The key to keeping your flowers looking their best is to change their water every day. This will prevent rot and mould.

While you’re changing the water, cut away the bottom of the stems and make sure your flowers are enjoying low temperatures—hot weather will simply make them wilt faster than usual.

Hear more from our fresh experts:

Arthur’s Bavarian Bakehouse always has beautifully baked bread on hand:  
“Our bread is baked by the time the shop is open but pretzels and Danish pastries are the last things to be baked in the morning,” says Darren, head baker. “So if the customer wants something as fresh as possible, they’re your best bet.”

Golden Banana is your one-stop shop for fresh fruit and vege:
“Any fruit that you buy — mangoes, peaches, rockmelons, berries — consume them at room temperature,” recommends Michelina from Golden Banana.

The freshest catch of the day can always be found at Peter Roan Seafood:
“Salmon, ocean trout and barramundi fillets are perfect for pan frying,” says Zen, owner of Peter Roan Seafood. Zen recommends that fish is stored on ice as “it keeps that fresh taste of the ocean locked in.”

Looking for some fresh blooms? Wild Rose is bursting with colour:
“When changing the water of your flowers, try not to drop any water on the petals as it rots the flower,” recommends Nathan, a florist at Wild Rose. “Add a little bit of flower food to the water as well.”

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