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How to get started at the gym – tips from Fitness First Personal Trainer

Gymtimidation. We all have it. Each year as January rolls around with the promise of “new year, new you”, we set our sights on getting fit & healthy at the gym. The only problem is, for those of us who are usually fitness-adverse, the gym can seem an intimidating place.

With these new resolutions in mind, we turned to Nicole Rondo, a Top Ryde City Fitness First Personal Trainer to set us straight and give us her top tips on how to get started at the gym.


1. The Right Gear

‘Invest in some workout clothes that make you feel comfortable and confident, and don’t forget supportive and comfortable training shoes,’ Nicole says. You don’t need to spend a fortune, but investing in some key pieces will not only get you excited but will also be long-lasting enough to keep your healthy gym habits strong throughout the year. Try stores like Rebel Sport or KMart for great-value pieces that are either basic and flattering, or trendy, inspiring and fun.

2.  Find Your Favourite 

Figuring out what kind of exercise you like is usually half the battle when it comes to gym motivation, with Nicole suggesting to ‘find out what group exercise classes are on. It’s a great way to meet new people and have fun!’. Just because you hate lifting weights, doesn’t mean you won’t like another kind of workout, like yoga, which may be more your thing. Overall, a membership which includes classes will allow you to play around until you find something that doesn’t make you want to throw your sneakers in the bin. 

3. Get Consistent

 Building time into your calendar and ‘setting a schedule…’ is key when getting started at the gym said Nicole, explaining that at least ‘2 days a week is ideal when first starting out. Consistency is key!’. Tips on how to stick to this is to block out ‘exercise’ time into your calendar, just as you would a meeting or a dentist appointment. This will also help you to mentally prepare, and not push it off until tomorrow.


4. Find a Rhythm 

Finding a rhythm is often key to gym success, with Nicole explaining that it’s beneficial to ‘come in with a plan for your workout…’ so that you don’t get distracted or intimidated on where to start. Adding that ‘if you are brand new it’s worth investing in a fitness professional to guide you in the right direction - at least for the beginning.’ Which will help you to figure out your own processes. 

5.  Get a Buddy! 

And when all else fails, fall back on the buddy system: ‘Bring a friend, and train together!’ said Nicole. Meeting a friend at the gym is a great way to stop yourself from last-minute bailing (something we’ve all been guilty of) and even better, gym sessions can act as a fun and new way for you and a friend to catch up and offer motivation when needed.

6. Set goals 

To help motivate yourself, Nicole says to ‘Set your goals! What would you like to achieve? When? And think of the end result.’ Setting goals for yourself is a great way to build better habits and these don’t have to be giant leaps. Try starting small, with goals that are easy to achieve which will get you into the swing of things.

So what are you waiting for? Get started on your new fitness journey now by heading over to Fitness First at Top Ryde City. 

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