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How to give your garden a lift on a budget

Is your outdoor space in need of a little TLC? Fortunately, getting your outdoor space looking its best again doesn’t necessarily require months of work or a massive budget. Sometimes it can be as simple as hanging some lights or lanterns or creating new seating areas with bohemian-inspired throws and cushions. Repainting wooden furniture or a shed can also bring instant va-va-voom to an otherwise tired space. There is plenty of magic you can work with plants or simply invest in a few colourful pots.

So what are you waiting for? Before autumn hits by reading on for our top 5 quick and easy tips that will get your backyard looking great on a budget.

Hang things:

Perfect for those of you who are lacking in floor space, try using any high-up hooks, tree branches and door frames to hang everything from outdoor lighting, lanterns and candles to plants.

For plants, invest in some hanging planters or learn to make your own macramé version. Super cheap tealight candle lanterns do wonders for a blank wall and, of course, there's always fairy lights, candles and hanging lanterns, which are some of the easiest ways to make a fairly scruffy garden look instantly whimsical. 

Plant Stacker:

Whoever said shelves are only just for the inside? Go for a fixed plant stand, like this minimal style from K-mart or try fixing shelves to an outside wall, which can save on space while adding character. Try mixing your plants with ornaments for an eclectic look. 

Vary your pots:

Perfect for adding punches of colour, pattern and print, try varying your pots in both colour and size for a bohemian look. Don't be afraid to mix and match your plants either - the more cluttered with varying styles, the better. And why not try thinking outside the box by using wooden crates, old steel buckets and painted ceramics bowls as planters. Stores like TK Maxx are perfect for hunting down a unique find on a budget. 

Spruce up a back wall with a lick of paint:

Watch your backyard go from drab to fab with just a little paint. Transform your outdoor space by sprucing up a wall or back fence with a coat of contrasting colour, perfect for making any space feel warmer and more inviting, it’ll also make your plants pop too. Choose a bright colour and use it as a focal point, or create unity by tying it in with the flowers you already have planted.

Add textiles:

Take the inside out with textiles. Instead of investing in costly furniture, why not focus on the floor by adding cushions and blankets which will encourage visitors to sit and relax in them for hours. Rugs aren’t just for inside too, old vintage-styles are perfect for adding colour and character to outside spaces.

Now you have some inspiration, head on down to Top Ryde City to find the perfect gardening accessories and more.  

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