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How to spend 24 hours in the school holidays!

How to spend 24 hours in the school holidays!
School holidays are upon us, and that means coming up with activities to keep the children and the whole family entertained and excited.

With just 24 hours, you can create a one-day itinerary that the whole family will enjoy. From eating to shopping, there’s no shortage of fun you can have during the school holidays.

Shopping day

With busy school, sport, and activity schedules, sometimes shopping becomes a chore. During the school holidays, you have the opportunity to spend a morning perusing the shops and taking your time. Visit a variety of stores to keep your shopping trip both fun and relaxing. Take the little ones to the shops they love and let them pick out something special.

Relaxing lunch
The school holidays are all about enjoying quality time. Head out for a relaxing lunch somewhere you can sit down and (metaphorically) put your feet up. A long lunch will give you and the family time to chat, laugh, and relax.

An afternoon movie

After you’ve had your fill of shopping and finished your lunch feast, why not check out the latest film? You’ll have plenty of choices, so you’ll be able to find one the whole family will enjoy. Grab some popcorn -- and maybe a sweet treat -- and finally see the flick you’ve been dying to catch.

A game of tag

Not just any game of tag. Laser tag is perfect for the entire family. No matter if you have young children or teenagers, everyone can let loose with a game that’s active and exciting. Split into teams and offer a reward for the winners. Even the adults might find themselves feeling like kids again!

A dinner outing

Nothing brings families together like the dinner table. Get the family out of the house and gathered around a table that you don’t have to prepare. Spend time talking about the day or even planning the next family outing. When everyone has finished their food, top off your 24 hours with a tasty dessert.

School holidays are the perfect time to connect and create memories, but it can be a challenge to come up with activities the whole family will love. Start the school holidays off right with 24 hours of shopping, eating, and making memories.
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