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5 Family Overseas Travel Tips from Child Blogger

When you have kids, sometimes a trip to the park can feel like a military expedition. So it’s not surprising that the thought of flying overseas, across time zones and away from home comforts can be a scary prospect.

But according to local Ryde mum and seasoned family traveller, Child Blogger, it really is possible to have a great time – even with kids in tow! We asked her to share some of her top tips for travelling overseas with kids for anyone who’s still unsure about making a trip. Read on to find out what she recommends!


1. Book overnight flights

Firstly, booking night time flights will make a world of difference for you and your kids. If you get the opportunity to have the kids asleep most of the flight time, then you are starting off your holidays the right way! It means less time having to entertain them and less time hearing “Are we there yet!?”


2. Check the weather

This is especially important if you are booking tropical destinations. The assumption is that island and tropical destinations are sunny and perfect all year round. Most of these tropical destinations have a hurricane or tornado seasons at certain times during the year. There’s nothing worse than planning a trip away, spending some hard-earned money only to be stuck in either torrential rain or in the middle of a hurricane!


3. Take a stroller

If you’re planning on doing a lot of walking or going to a country that is humid, I would highly recommend taking a stroller with you. It doesn’t have to be an expensive stroller. Something where the kids can sit down and get pushed around when they are tired, and you don’t have to be carrying around a child on your back either!


4. Pack medication and thermometer on your carry on

There’s nothing worse than being mid-air on a flight and your child gets sick! Airlines are not able to provide medication so if you are mid-flight with a child and you still have hours to go, then it can be a pretty excruciating experience. Pack medication (keep in mind the airline limit of liquids) and buy the smaller travel friendly version of medication you usually have at home.


5. Expect things not to go to plan

When travelling with kids – expect the unexpected! You might be a planner and want to plan every minute of the day. I have now learnt travelling with two kids, that things don’t always go to plan and I make sure I give a lot of leeway during the day for things to take longer than expected and I leave a free day in between our planned days to give the kids some downtime. But enjoy it even when things don’t go to plan! They make for the best memories...


Feeling inspired to pack your bags for an adventure? We certainly are! For all the latest travel deals and information, head into one of our excellent travel agencies at Top Ryde City to get your plans underway!

Helloworld  - Lower Ground 2

Flight Centre – Lower Ground 2


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