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Ideas for Eating Out with Fussy Eaters

Ideas for Eating Out with Fussy Eaters

Fussy eaters: there seems to be one in every family, friend group, and couple! While fussy eaters can sometimes make choosing a restaurant frustrating and downright difficult, we’ve compiled a few quick tips and tricks to make sure everyone has a great dining experience.

1. Choose a restaurant with a varied menu

The best feature on any menu is having the right amount of choice, and this is especially important if there’s a fussy eater in your group. A varied menu means it will be just as easy for the health conscious member in your group to choose a meal, or just as easy for any friends and family with special dietary requirements. Choosing a restaurant with a diverse menu will take the stress out of placing your order because there will be something tasty and suitable for every palate!

2. Share!
It’s no wonder that tapas, small plates, and family style restaurants have become such a hit in recent years—sharing food is one of best ways to bring a group together and experience something different! Sharing food is a great way for everyone to have a small taste of everything, and for fussy eaters to be able to pick and choose what they eat. When sharing meals, make sure your fussiest eater gets to choose at least one dish so there’s something for everyone. Who knows, they might even be encouraged to try something different!

3. Go beyond the comfort zone
Turn a fussy eater from a hindrance to someone you want to dine out with by encouraging them to try at least one type of food or meal each time you head out for a bite. This is a great way to get them to step outside their comfort zone and allows you to also try news cuisines or cultural delicacies. You might just leave the restaurant with an eater who’s just a little bit less fussy!

4. Keep it fair

Compromise is key when you’re dining out with a fussier eater—it’s the only fair way to ensure everyone enjoys the experience! Create a calendar where each person in your group or family gets to choose a restaurant. This keeps everything fair and even, and will also give you the opportunity to explore a new suburb or try a cuisine that you haven’t tried before.

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