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Meet Ken Leung, the Manager of Fortune Green.

What is your favourite aspect of working in Asian cuisine?

We have a great team of people.  Everyone has a role and when you get along and understand each other, the day runs smoothly.  This is also helpful for the lunch hour rush!  I also love the variety of Asian cuisine, so my lunch never gets boring!

If you could be any celebrity, who would you be?

Heston Blumenthal.  This man is a genius.  The way he combines science aned food is amazing.  Don't forget that he also introduced multi sensory eating and gave the world triple cooked chips.

What is your favourite dish on the menu and why?

Seafood laksa.  I love the variety of seafood in our laksa.  You get crab meat chunks, fish fillet, fish ball, king prawns and mussels in our delicious homemade laksa broth.  All this for $14.90 and cooked in front of you.  Real food, restaurant quality at takeaway prices.

Anything else you want to bring to the attention of our customers?

If there is something that you like and it's not on our menu, come and talk to us and we will make your order.


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