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Organise your kitchen with these genius hacks… and for less than $200

At some stage, we’ve all experienced kitchen and pantry envy and if you have a small kitchen, every inch of counter space is prime real estate. 

Instead of focusing on what you don't have, maximise your space with these clever organising tricks. Best of all, they’re readily available at Top Ryde City – and all at under $200, they won’t break the budget!

Store dry goods in clear containers

Visual clutter in a pantry can be overwhelming. Storing dry goods in clear containers removes unnecessary packaging – no more half-empty bags of flour, random bits of pasta lying on the shelf, or chocolate chips sealed with pegs or rubber bands.

At the same time, clear containers make it super-simple to see what you’re running low on (or prevent doubling up!), and enables you to stack goods instead of leaving empty space.

If you want to be fashion-forward, mason jars are the way to go. Originally developed to preserve food, they’re airtight and watertight – perfect for storing everything from upside-down salads to pantry staples. Fill them with chickpeas and lentils, pasta and macaroni, sugar and spices… the list is endless! You can find cute and functional mason jars at Kmart, BigW and The Reject Shop.

Store (and access) spices super-simply 

Spices are a kitchen essential… and a storage nightmare. They accumulate and before we know it, the pantry is bursting at the seams with cinnamon, chilli flakes and garam masala. 

But with a simple drawer organiser, you can put that extra pull-out drawer to good use. Store them laying down with labels facing up to save space and access them with ease.

And muffin tins aren’t just for muffins! Repurpose them to neatly store those random rubber bands, twist ties, coins, toothpicks, and anything else that accumulates into that ’spare’ drawer.

Don’t have any drawer space? Don’t panic – spices love a simple lazy susan. Simply separate the sweet from the savoury, and select your desired spice with just a spin!

Maximise high space to store rarely-used or out-of-season equipment

Grilled toast, jaffles and slow cooked meals are all incredibly popular Winter-warmers. In Summer, though, they rarely get a look-in. Instead of them taking up valuable real estate, a simple seasonal rotation can make the most of any untapped storage space at height.

Investing in a few sturdy storage baskets from Priceland or Kmart that sit on top of the pantry, fridge and other forms of high shelving can provide a decorative display. And if you’re a bulk-shopper you can check out storage solutions at Discount General. Baskets come in super-handy for storing light purchases, such as toilet paper and cleaning products. 

If you’re ready for a kitchen or pantry makeover, start with the simple solutions – you’ll be amazed at the difference.  

If you find yourself in need of any supplies, Top Ryde City has everything you need at BigW, KmartThe Reject Shop, Priceland, Discount General, Woolworths, Coles or Aldi. And be sure to share your kitchen makeover with us – we can’t wait to see how you organize your favourite space!

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