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Healthy eating


New dining options mean you can have your cake and eat it too


Thanks to a rise of healthy food options at Top Ryde City, eating out has become as healthy as a home cooked meal.

Australians have become health-conscious in a bid to curb our expanding waistlines, with many of us trying everything from crash-dieting to cross-fit. So how can we ensure we’re not undoing all or hard work every time we want to dine out, or in for that matter?

The health trend explained

A recent Nielson poll revealed that a whopping 69% of Australians have quit sugar, 59% are making a conscious effort to increase their daily intake of fruit and veg, and 61% percent are cutting down on fats.

What’s more, a growing number of Australians are becoming food savvy. There has never been a bigger focus on where our food comes from, what’s in it, and what nutrients we can derive from it.

Because of this, superfoods and organically-cultivated fare has not only become a booming billion dollar business but a lifestyle choice, with chia seeds replacing chocolate in most Aussie pantries.

Supermarkets like Coles have responded to the craze with new aisles dedicated specifically to wholefoods. In addition, they stock a range of ready-to-eat meal options (like Pitango organic soups) which are perfect for lazy nights.

However if you’re feeling energetic enough to cook up a feast, leafing through Coles’ magazine is sure to inspire. It features a range of healthy recipes that you can try at home, as well as information about seasonal produce.

Charred chili prawns with watermelon salsa are the perfect summer meal for weekend BBQs and quick family dinners.

Can eating out be healthy?

Australians love eating out, with the average Australian eating out four times per month. But can we maintain this habit without putting our waistlines at risk?

Thankfully, many food retailers are adapting their menus to include healthier options. Mexican eatery Guzman Y Gomez serve up a Mild Barramundi Burrito at only 440 calories a pop alongside their classic menu options, while pizza chain, Bondi Pizza, offer Atlantic Salmon Salad for those who want something a little lighter.

Yum! Grilled Atlantic Salmon salad from Bondi Pizza for those who are after something a little lighter.

There are also retailers who cater to large groups, so you can enjoy an evening with friends and family while being healthy. The party menu at Rashays includes a range of feta options including feta salad, or you can opt for a lighter Grilled Chicken salad. If you like entertainment as much as you like your food, Smokkim Korean BBQ is sure to put on a show while you or the chefs cook up a range of traditionally lighter Korean meals.

In a rush? Franchises like Boost Juice (Level LG1) create a range of unique, healthy juices that are delivered to waiting customers as quickly as any fast-food chain could send a burger and fries. And the best part? They’re the perfect on-the-go snack while you shop.

Boost Juice (level LG1) has a range of healthy juices and smoothies that are just the hit of energy you need for a big day of shopping.

Craving something healthy? Check out the range of healthy eating options Top Ryde City.


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