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The Best Ways to Take Advantage of the Warmer Weather

The Best Ways to Take Advantage of the Warmer Weather
The weather is warming and the promise of summer is just around the corner! Now is the perfect time for the whole family to recharge and revitalise with the changing weather.

Whether your family lives for the outdoors or you’re looking for a healthier lifestyle, here’s how to take advantage of the warmer weather and re-energise before summer.

Refresh your look
Spring is all about renewal, so it’s the perfect time to refresh your look with a new haircut. A new hairdo makes you feel great no matter your age, which makes a trip to the salon a fun activity for mums and kids to do together. Feeling bold? Try something drastic! Or if you’re still deciding on your new look, a trim is still a great way to make you feel refreshed. Either way, you’ll feel ready to take on the warm and busy months ahead.

Recharge your exercise routine

As the weather warms up, your workout can finally be taken outdoors. Take advantage of the blue skies and sunshine by going for walks and hikes, but don’t forget to pack your water bottle and sun block! To switch up your gym routine, try focusing on new exercises that’ll build up core strength and get your beach body ready.

Plan a family fun day

Warm spring weekends were made for enjoying the outdoors. Spend the weekend together as a family by enjoying family picnics, playing laser tag or doing a spring clean of the garden. Let a different family member choose the activity each week so that everyone gets a say in the family fun.

Restock the fridge and pantry

With beautiful produce coming into season, now is the time to go shopping for a refrigerator refresh. Pick out seasonal ingredients like zucchini flowers and papayas and cook together as a family. Shopping and cooking with your kids is a good opportunity to teach your kids about delicious food that’s also nutritious, and learn a few fresh spring recipes that’ll keep everyone healthy and happy.

Spring is here, and so is the time for family fun. Let the warming weather inspire a lifestyle refresh for the whole family. Discover more at Top Ryde City.
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