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Three ten minute workouts to fit in with your busy schedule

Finding a new workout routine can be an intimidating challenge. But the good news is you don't need expensive equipment or an unbelievable amount of free time. 


To prove it, we asked Fitness First Personal Trainer Nicole Rondo to tell us her favourite  easy-to-follow workouts that will target your whole body. Each one is only 10 minutes long and teaches you an exercise that can easily be built into your daily routine. You'll be able to do all of these at home with only a few bits of equipment, or none if you want to sub-in weights for things you have lying around. And better yet, these exercises can be brought with you on your next holiday or work trip- so there’s no excuses!


10 minute abs and core workout

This quick, but effective strength training workout is perfect for incorporating 2-3 times a week for gradual results. 


10 x Lying leg raises

10 x Side plank pulses (on each side)

10 x Swiss ball crunches

10 x Alternating toe touches

30 second Plank

30 second Dish hold


Complete 5 times!


10 min HIIT workout 

High intensity Interval training (HIIT) is perfect for when you want to work out but don’t have much time.  Studies have shown that HIIT is actually more effective than low intensity exercises, and is quick enough to fit in any day of the week. With none of these requiring any equipment they’re perfect for doing at home, or on the road too. Try this for a quick burn in your hotel room! 


40 seconds work : 20 seconds rest 


Side skiers

Deadball slams

Bosu mountain climbers (hold onto any unstable surface to challenge yourself!)

Sled Push (push against a wall and run if you have nothing heavy handy)

Jumping lunges 





10 minute resistance circuit 

The perfect all-in-one, this workout will allow you to target your whole body from top to toe. This one is best used with small weights, so if you aren’t near a gym, see what you can find in your home instead! Things like books, groceries or even a heavy pet can be great replacements for weights when they need to be!


12 x Goblet squat 

12 x Chest press 

12 x Kettlebell deadlift 

12 x Lateral pulldown 

12x Shoulder press 



To get the best results, head on over to Fitness First at Top Ryde City to test these workouts out with a trainer.

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