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Top Father’s Day gift guide

Top Father’s Day gift guide

Dads play an important role in our lives. Whether he’s a stepdad, granddad, or honorary dad, he deserves something spectacular for Father’s Day.
Here’s exactly what to gift for every type of dad.

For the new dad

Like all dads, new dads deserve extra sleep as well as something extra special for Father’s Day! Make their first Father’s Day a memorable one and gift something on behalf of your little one, like a framed photo or drawing. You could even get creative and make a heart out of your baby’s footprints.
Encourage your kids to get crafty and make their dad a heartfelt present this Father’s day!

For the sporty dad

Sporty dads spend hours participating in and watching their favourite sports. Whether he prefers the slower pace of golf on the weekends loves a Friday night rugby match, give a gift that feeds his passion. For the athlete, opt for a new pair of running shoes. For the spectator, gift some merchandise from his favourite team.
Is your dad a sportsman? Gift something that allows him to pursue his passion!

For the sentimental dad

Some dads are sentimental and want something more personal than practical. Choose a gift that really shows how much you care, like buying the book he read to you as a child and writing an inscription inside the cover.
Give your dad a gift from the heart this Father’s Day.

For the tech-savvy dad

If your dad loves the latest technology, then you have plenty of options for the perfect gift. Get your dad something both practical and exciting with gadgets like a Bluetooth speaker or remote control drone. This is the perfect opportunity to get him a new tech-toy that he might not necessarily need but will love!
Watch your dad learn the skill of flying a drone!  

For the outdoorsy dad

Does your dad love camping, hiking, and barbecuing? If so, then something to complement his hobby is the perfect Father’s Day gift. Your gift could be practical, like a sleeping bag or outdoor lounge chair, or more unique, like collapsible dishes or torch he can attach to his keys.
Get dad outdoors with a gift that will help him on his next adventure!

For the fun dad

Some dads are all fun and games, and their gift should be equally as entertaining. Gift your dad something that you can do together, like a new board game. To top off your gift, spend a night learning the rules and playing your new game together.
Challenge dad to learn a new game this Father’s Day

This Father’s Day, give something perfectly suited to your dad’s personality.

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For the perfect Father’s Day gift:

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