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Pop-Its: the latest craze to hit Australia


The pop-it sensory fidget toy has little "bubbles" you can push through, and "pop" Pop-It's are designed to provide a satisfying sensory and tactile experience helping children regain focus at home or in the classroom, helping to develop fine motor skills. 

  • Just press the bubbles down, and they make a slight popping sound, then flip it over and start again! Endlessly reusable and washable, too.
  • Pop-its are a great sensory tool you can fidget with again and again.
  • Made of high-grade materials, safe and non-toxic.
  • They are known to reduce stress
  • They can also be a great party game with family and friends.
  • Recommended for all ages from 3+.

Here's a sneak peek of the most popular pop-its available in-store at Toymate




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