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Design the perfect backyard scavenger hunt

Who doesn’t love a scavenger hunt? Perfect for all ages, this fun activity is a true classic and a great way to entertain the entire family. A well executed hunt introduces a healthy dose of competition and discovery and can teach kids valuable teamwork skills. Fear not, this can all be done from the backyard or back patio of your home and we’ll walk you through the entire process below. 


Start with a list of items to find 

The first step of a scavenger hunt is creating a list of items to find. Depending on the ages of the kids playing, you’ll be able to determine how easy or hard the items to find can be. You can also choose, depending on the ages, to go with a straightforward list or a series of riddles or rhymes to lead them to finding the items.

Seeing as the scavenger hunt you’re creating is in your backyard or back patio, why not stick to a nature theme and ask your kids to find items such as bark, leaves, certain flowers or berries? 

If you’re stuck on ideas, sites like Pinterest will give you some creative ways on how to get started. Your scavenger list doesn’t have to just be a layout of words, you can choose to use pictures or images if your kids are on the younger side.. Take it up a notch and try a photo scavenger hunt, where you ask your kids to take photos at certain locations or doing certain things!

Once you’ve created the list of items to be found, the rest of the planning is fairly easy! 


Prepare Supplies

The best thing about scavenger hunts is that you don’t really need many supplies! Instead, all that is required are a few items for the kids to carry with them on their adventure so they can keep track of their progress. These can include:

Reusable bags

Give your kids any reusable bags you have on hand for them to collect the items they’ve found. 

Pens, Pencils, Crayons

Pens and pencils will also come in handy so that your kids can tick off items on the printed list you’ve given them.


Pick a prize 

Lastly you’ll want to choose some prizes for the winning team or individual. Trust us, kids won’t let this step go amiss. When choosing prizes, remember these don’t just have to just be material goods, why not get creative and make-up some fun experiential ones like: 

- Choose a movie for you to sit down and watch together as a family.

- Let them choose a baking recipe of their choice to do with mum or dad.

- Let them choose what’s for dinner or support local a choose a takeaway

- Winner gets an extra piece of dessert 

Other ideas can include:

- Stickers: For them to personalise their toys or belongings 

- Lollies: Enough said. A favourite with kids (and parents) for a reason.

- Art supplies: For craft or scrap-booking sessions that pay dividends in future days at home.


It’s that simple! Though this fun and simple game requires little to no prep, for supplies, prizes and more you can grab some great items while you’re already shopping for weekly essentials at stores such as K-mart, Big W, Woolworths or Coles at Top Ryde City

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