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Retailer: T2 - Sylvia Wan (Store Manager)

TRC: What's your favourite part of working at T2?

"I love creating the perfect brew, and being able to show customers new flavours!"

TRC: What sets T2 apart from the rest?

"You can't beat our friendly service. Not to mention our huge variety of flavours and combinations!"

TRC: Top 3 tea trends for winter this month, GO!

"Easy! Stainless steel flasks, new flavours of chai, and our T2 GO!"

TRC: What's the #1 thing every tea lover can't go without this winter?

"That's a tough one! It would have to be either our stainless steel flask (seriously, they're amazing!), or a teamaker."

TRC: What are some tips that you've learned from working here?

"Don't be afraid to try new flavours, try to go for loose leaf teas, and choose different teas for different times of day. It can really help your mood!"

TRC: Anything else you want to let our customers know?

"Yep! Keep yourself warm & pick any tea and grab a full cup for $4!"

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