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Valentine’s Day Family Ideas

Five Valentine’s Day Family Ideas

Ever since the first heart-shaped card was offered up as a symbol of love’s devotion, Valentine’s Day has been considered a celebration of coupledom. Although the legend lives on through romantic candle-lit dinners for two, St Valentine’s day is about more than roses and heart-shaped candy.

The first Valentine’s Day was actually a feast served up in honour of St Valentinus, referred to by many as the patron saint of love. That is, celebrations should not only include couples but families, friends, and the greater community.

So on that note, here are five, all-inclusive, Valentine’s Day ideas that can be enjoyed by each and every one of us.

Make ‘love’ the key ingredient

What better way to celebrate love’s day than a decadent feast, lovingly cooked at home, which brings the family together?

For the ultimate indulgence opt to include as much freshness, colour and texture into your meal. Splash out on prime cuts of meat, delectable seafood, and freshly baked bread to make your feast something special.

For those that want to give mum a break, why not opt for a local dining experience? Whether you head out for a family favourite or try something new and different, find a dining option to suit the whole family, even the sweet tooths.

Go on an adventure!

Instead of presents, pack a picnic basket full of easy-to-eat treats — such as fresh flat bread with your favourite fillings, in-season produce, ice-cold juices, and a splash of champers— and head off to explore some of Sydney’s most pristine landscapes.

There’s something for everyone at one of our iconic beaches, or a stroll through Circular Quay with lunch at our famed Botanical Gardens. For the more adventurous, a hike through the Blue Mountains can be the perfect way to lift the spirits this Valentine’s Day.

Get active

Stop the swooning and get the heart racing this Valentine’s Day with an action-packed laser tag frenzy- a favourite of young and old.

For a little less of a heart-shaker, book in a movie at your local cinemas, followed by a fluffy batch of pancakes, ending Valentine’s on a sweet note.

A DIY approach

Those that want to get a little “artsy”, try your hand at crafting your own heart-shaped cards, in different fabrics, for a unique touch.

Or, better yet, get young and old involved in a scavenger hunt that leads them to gifts such as chocolate, candy, or even roses.

Give something back

Lastly, there’s nothing like showing your community you care by getting involved in a few Valentine’s Day-oriented charities and events that are sure to fill your heart with a heavy dose of feel good.

After all, love comes to those that are willing to share it.

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Fresh Food Suppliers:

  1. Woolworths:
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  3. Baker’s Delight:
  4. Coles:
  5. Dan Murphy’s:

For Top Ryde Dining Options:

      6. Visit:
      7. Platia Greek Taverna serves up a decadent Greek banquet:
      8. A meal of grills and fresh sides is found at Hurricanes:
      9. Chocolate everything can be found at the Oliver Brown Terrace:
     10. Traders Local Bar

For Attractions and Entertainment:

      11. Laser Mania:
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For Craft and Materials:

      14. Hobby sew:
      15. Bright Flowers:
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