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Your Best ‘Value for Money’ Beauty Treatments are Back

The day we’ve all been waiting for is here, and it’s caused more excitement than Christmas holidays!

The highly anticipated reopening of beauty, nail, waxing, and tanning services is celebrated with some awesome deals at Top Ryde City. The best part? Each of our retailers are being vigilant and following the NSW Government safety and health restrictions, which means you’ll enjoy the same great services in a secure environment.

Beauty specials that could be here today but gone tomorrow


While some of you have hid your growing locks in beanies, others have relied on their partners (or worse – their mums) to cut their hair. The consequences haven’t been pretty; it’s been as challenging for our hairdressers as it has been for you, trust us. 

Never fear – your favourite Top Ryde hairdresser is back to save the day:

Call them now to take advantage of a range of specials – because there’s no longer any excuse for that mullet.


Growing out a gelcoat is unpleasant. And acrylics? Don’t get us started – it’s been a truly torturous time. With our nail artists back on deck, it’s time to say goodbye to cracked feet and peeling polish, and hello to super-soft skin and eye-catching colour. Many of our nail salons have installed plastic shields to further ensure the health and safety of all.

Make your booking now. 


Get ready for a little pampering and a whole lot of feeling good – you know you deserve it! 

It’s time to get back your radiant glow, oh-so-velvety-smooth skin and beautiful brows back on track.


Working from home has been a new and stressful experience for many and home schooling on top of it had those shoulder muscles writhing in tension. Throw in isolation, giving us absolutely no reprieve from the frenzy of frustrated, fenced-in kids and we became cramped in knots. 

The solution is at hand. Simply make a booking with one of our massage specialists and relax; we’ll take care of the rest.

How we’re keeping you safe with the new beauty restrictions 

All Top Ryde City beauty retailers have developed a COVID-Safe Plan to ensure you can enjoy the services you need and want in a safe environment.

Education & Awareness – all beauty staff have undertaken training on COVID-19, which includes physical distancing, cleaning and excluding any staff or clients who are unwell from their salon. 

Physical distancing – appointments are staggered to ensure they have no more than one customer per four square metres, and they’re being innovative with seating to ensure appropriate physical distancing.

Hygiene Measures – Hand sanitising stations are installed throughout the centre, entries and at some stores. All beauty, massage and nail salon surfaces are disinfected with relevant materials changed over or disinfected between each customer. 

Tracking – Stores are recordkeeping to confidentially and securely store the contact details of staff, suppliers and clients for the required period.

So if you’ve missed your favourite retailer as much as they’ve missed you, now is the time to pop back in to enjoy all the benefits of their expertise

When hand sanitiser is on trend

Please remember – as more of us return to getting our greys covered, skin refreshed and muscles loosened, it’s important that we don’t become too relaxed. Remember to sanitise using any one of our courtesy hand sanitisers located at key entry and exit points, as well as at several retailers and throughout the centre.

We all deserve to feel good and look the part and we’re genuine when we say that the health and safety of everyone within our centre is our priority.

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