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Your Ultimate Back-To-School Checklist

Your Ultimate Back-To-School Checklist

The school holidays are almost over, so most of us are frantically creating a mental list of things to tick off before we send our kids through the school gates to tackle a new term.

That’s why we’ve prepared an ultimate back to school checklist, something that you can conveniently print out and tick off during your next shopping trip.

With an easy to follow guide — including haircuts and uniform repairs, to lunches and snacks — your back to school shopping spree will be a breeze.

1. Tame that hair

While an unruly head of surfing curls might be the most adorable accessory during the holidays, it might miss the mark in regards to your school’s dress code.

After checking your school’s requirements, why not pop into a hairdresser for a quick snip? You’ll find that most hairdressers offer ‘kid friendly’ options- whether it’s a special chair or a Cadbury Mini Egg.

2. Wardrobe ready!

Kids love to run, jump, tumble and everything in between, meaning that their uniforms looks a little worse for wear at the end of the term. Before they walk through the school gates ready for another term of activities, it’s important to make sure they’re looking their best:

  •  Does your child’s school have a summer and winter uniform?
  •  Are they partial to neck ties, emblems, and school blazers?
  •  Have they sorted out their P.E uniform, including sun hats?
  •  Is there a tear in their school slacks that can easily be repaired?

The easiest way around your wardrobe woes is to find a one-stop shop who usually have local school uniforms ready and available for purchase

For quick repairs, pop by an alterations store to add any missing buttons and patch up any rips and tears.

3. Shoe Shine

Speaking of uniforms, there’s nothing like sending your child off to school with a shiny pair of shoes that not only look good, but are designed to look after their posture and delicate shins.

Shoe retailers are generally well stocked for the back-to-school rush, so they’ll have a wide range of school-appropriate shoes at wallet-friendly prices.

4. A lavish lunch box

Keep your kids fuelled and energised this term with a lunchbox brimming with fresh produce, snacks, and a treat or two.

What’s more, if you get your child involved in the weekly school shop and food prep, they’ll be more inclined to finish their meals and look forward to tomorrow’s snacks.

The perfect lunch box should include:

  •  a mid-morning snack such as fruit, cheese cubes, or a muesli bar (or gluten-free option).
  •  a sandwich stuffed to the brim with lean lunch meats, fresh vegetables, or pre-cooked tofu patties, salads, even a rice or lentil dish.
  • an afternoon snack that will keep them sustained until tea time- bananas are a great option.
  • water, or fresh pressed juice.

To get your kids excited about healthy eating, take them on a trip to Coles and Woolworths — or for the more gourmet inclined — a deli, or cafe, and let them select their flavours for the week. That is, unless their flavours consist of “deep-fried monster shapes” and “everything smothered in chocolate”.

5. Stationery essentials

Lastly, no back to school check list is complete without a stationery list. Dependent on your child’s age, the list will vary. However, below is a list that will see them through until you are instructed further:

  •  pencil case
  •  ball point pens or a pencil
  •  eraser or liquid paper
  •  glue stick
  •  ruler
  •  highlighters or markers (not permanent)
  •  crayons or colouring pencils.
  •  calculator (that way, they’re not pulling their phone out in class).

Or ask a helpful retail assistant at a store that is school-supply friendly, who will make sure you’ve ticked off all the essentials.

Our quick back to school hit list:

1. Check out Just Cuts for all their pre-semester offers:

2. Lowes has an Easter Special Offer that might suit your school prep needs:

3. For stress-free uniform alterations, head to Alerations 4 U:

4. Back to school shoes at desirable prices can be found at Shoe Warehouse:

5. Athlete’s Foot is your go-to for their sport shoes

6. For delicious school lunch ideas, and fresher than fresh ingredients, head to a variety of our food outlets and supermarkets:

7. Check out Golden Banana for fresh fruit, perfect for recess

8. Or find pre-prepared meal ideas at one of our cafes and delis:

9. For all your stationery essentials, head to Kmart:

10. From calendars to pens, notepads and cardboard for those bigger assignments, Nextra is an essential stop for stationery

11: Your back-to-school shop isn’t complete without paying a visit to Big W for socks, lunchboxes and more 

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